EOB Day 5 – 2020 – YEAR OF FREE DESIGNS – Nominate a Friend

Do you know someone deserving of a YEAR OF DESIGNS*? Nominate them here in the comments! Tell their story and they could win this awesome prize! 

Do you know someone who goes above and beyond to help others and deserves this? Has 2020 been particularly rough for someone you know? Do they just need a pick me up?

Here’s how to enter: Comment below with your friend’s story (please get permission first to share their struggle or triumph if it’s personal). Tell us what their 2020 struggle has been and how they’ve overcome this struggle, how they’ve helped others in an amazing way or how they’ve contributed to 2020 in an extraordinary way that others may not have done or may not be doing.  This post will be open until midnight, November 11th EST and the winner posted on November 12th

*Free designs for a year has no cash value and cannot be traded. This includes 5 free designs a month for 12 months. All 5 designs must be claimed at the end of each month; designs cannot be rolled over each month. These can be ANY 5 designs, new or old, but cannot be duplicates. These designs cannot be sold or shared in any form. 

5 Replies to “EOB Day 5 – 2020 – YEAR OF FREE DESIGNS – Nominate a Friend”

  1. I guess I do not know anybody else that embroiders. What would anybody else want with embroidery files? I shall nominate myself (I don’t really have a choice lol).
    May 2019 I graduated nursing school with honors. About 2 months later I had an accident with my horse and broke my arm. I started doing embroidery last fall since I could not safely practice as a nurse. Then covid happened and I could not do any more craft sales for a while. Masks were needed. My children (8,9,11) and I made masks every chance we could. We made 684 before we had to stop most of the masks were donated to nursing homes. I fell into a deep depression. I am slowly climbing back out of this rut. Craft sales are starting to happen again! I have something to look forward to. My oldest daughter and I have been doing some volunteering with scouts. We have been spending more time with our horse again. And so, here we are passing time with new embroidery designs and finally working as a nurse! Life is looking pretty OK now.

  2. I would like to nominate my sister Emily! She has been the best sister to me anyone could ask for. Her husband died 3 years ago from pancreatic cancer within 2 months of finding it. So she has been having to deal with all of these issues 2020 has brought by herself. She has been keeping her 3 grandsons and trying to help them with online school and tend to the little brother who is 3. She is 64 years old and has a lot of health problems too. When I have to go out of town to doctors, she has always tried to make arrangements to try to take me although I know she would probably love a day to herself. We went to RN school together in the 90’s and later worked together in ICU. We have always tried to have each others back in everything and it has been hard to be separated and not see each other like we would like! She also has an elderly friend that she is always making food for or taking to the grocery store because he husband is in poor health and can no longer go. Emily truly has a heart of gold and she is always helping someone without expecting anything in return.

  3. I don’t have anyone who embroiders but me – but it’s a really nice prize – you are very generous

  4. Id nominate my fiance bob koertge..he not only deals with me and our 1 year old he works and supports us. We also have a 19 year old a 17 year old and a 14 year old about to be 15. He does all my website post on Lexycraft.com and on etsy and all the embroidery in our house (i am working up to it, just got comfortable with the Husqvarna designer se and am scared to break the janome mb7.

  5. Hello there! Well I’m about to be selfish and nominate myself. I don’t know anyone else who embroiders. I am an ICU nurse working tirelessly through a pandemic. I have been running on empty for far too long, both physically and mentally. I’ve cried with patients more during this last year than I have in my career. No one should have to die alone, so I stay and sing to my patients because their families can’t be with them. The sadness follows me home sometimes. It’s difficult, but I wouldn’t change what I do for anything. I was born to care for others on their darkest of days.

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