Embroiderer of the Month – EotM 2019

I wanted to share, with those of you who may not be in our facebook group, that we do an “Embroiderer of the Month” every month! If your project is chosen, you get to be on the group banner for that month!
If you’re not in our group, check it out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/embroideryonballs/

Here are all of our past EotMs! We started this in April of 2018.

Shelly Dason
Shelly Dason-Facebook Embroiderer of the Month April 2018

Jimmy Strawser
Jimmy Strawser-Facebook Embroiderer of the Month May 2018

Heather D Wiggins
Heather D Wiggins -Facebook Embroiderer of the Month June 2018

Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones-Facebook Embroiderer of the Month July 2018

Tracy Oliver
Tracy Oliver - Embroiderer of the Month August 2018

Cheryl Hutchinson
Cheryl Hutchinson - Embroiderer of the Month September 2018

Diane Milner
Diane Milton Embroiderer of the Month November 2018

Laurie Evans
Laurie Evans Embroiderer of the Month January 2019

Sherry Alsup
Sherry Alsup Embroiderer of the Month March 2019

Kelly Harris
Kelly Harris embroiderer of the month April May 2019

Lagatha Been
Lagetha Been embroiderer of the month June July 2019

Brittney Hansen
Brittney Hansen Embroiderer of the Month August 2019

Deb Booth
Deb Booth Embroiderer of the Month September 2019

Joanne Darcy

November we didn’t have an EotM (sad face)
Standard Group Header

Susan Pietsch
Susan Pietsch Embroiderer of the Month December 2019

Thank you to all of these wonderful people that has made our year so special!! And Thank you to the thousands more that makes our group an amazing place to learn and grow!

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