Day 11 GIVEAWAY- What’s on your Christmas/Holiday List?

Day 11 of this awesome event and EOB would LOVE to know what’s on your Christmas list this year? Don’t celebrate Christmas? No problem! Tell us what you have on your *want/need/wish* list. It can be anything, big or small, costly or inexpensive. I *need* a new MAC since mine crashed and re-crashed. That’s a the top of my list. I *want* a 10 needle machine. LOL Who doesn’t?

Here’s how to play:

  1. Leave a comment below, on this website post, with what’s at the top of your list this year
  2. We will choose a random winner, on November 13th (after this hop is over) to get a FREE BREAKOUT DESIGN that’s not yet released!!!

That’s it! Yeah it’s that easy!

102 Replies to “Day 11 GIVEAWAY- What’s on your Christmas/Holiday List?”

    1. I would like a ten needle machine but ill take a six needle gladly. But also I need lots and lots of money to buy designs and materials to make stuff with .

  1. Embroidery designs, Sublimation printer, heat press, many different types of stabilizer, all the crafty things.

  2. I would give anything to just be able to spend the Holidays with my kids and grandkids that all live out of state.

  3. I am “wishing” for more supplies ie…vinyl, cross-body straps, stabilizers – all kinds, and good ways for storage.

  4. I would love a new embroidery machine, maybe a multi needle! Thankfully I don’t need anything! Thank you for this contest.

  5. Top of my list is to have my whole family here for Christmas with no fighting for a family meal.

    1. Go for the Luminaire! Take my word for it, it is worth the money! Keep pinching those pennies for her. Do you have something to trade in? that would help.

  6. What I want the most for Christmas is another year with my father He has dementia. But the second thing I would like is a 10 needle machine so I can make things for my grand kids

  7. For my husband to heal quick without having to have surgery, he fell sunday working on his dads tractor that had cancer surgery and broke his leg.. he just started a new job in september so he has no sick time..

  8. My wish/want/need list includes a new computer my is so old – it is no longer supported by anyone – so it is a ‘needed’ item. My wish is for a new embroidery machine. πŸ™‚

  9. Multi needle Embroidery machine (10 or more) is top of my list for a physical:material item.

  10. to be able to fulfil my daughters wish for a kitchenaide stand mixer its all she wants for her birthday/christmas this year

  11. My Christmas wish list includes: a long arm with frame, stock shelves for my craft room, and lots of fabric lol!

  12. I have a big list but at tge top is the 4th Harry Potter Illustrated Edition for my collection.

  13. This may be a duplicate… can’t find where it posted. I would “love” EZ Frames/Cap frame for Persona PRS100 and a sublimation set up. I would also like to Thank all of our Veterans for their service.

  14. We’re moving into a new house first week of December, so I’m getting a new craft room for Christmas! There’s a lot of wants that come with that, but they’ll have to wait until later.

  15. I need to get a new laptop computer. Mine is 9-10 years old and I’d like a new one before this one crashes.

  16. That our 1 yr old cat comes home…he’s been missing since Halloween and our 3 yr old girl has been asking where her kitty is πŸ’”

  17. Our dryer died but husband is having surgery tomorrow… so we will be hanging up clothes around the house to dry until we save up for one.

  18. I *need* a laptop. Currently have no way to download designs at home. (Use the computer at work.)
    I feel horrible to say β€˜need’ when there is so much need in this world! I just took a bunch of names off the giving tree so I can think of a fun game at Thanksgiving to get the items needed for these people. Soap, shampoo, & deodorant. These are things the elderly need from a local nursing home.

  19. I would love a larger embroidery machine (currently have a 5×7) but really really want a heat press.

  20. Top of my list is Healing of my body…too much to list individually, but my realistic wish is a new Embroidery machine with at least 6×10 hoop.

  21. My want and need are the same. A multineedle embroidery machine. I have saved and saved but life keeps getting in the way and then there goes that money.

  22. A new vehicle maybe not this years model but a newer model since mine is 21 yrs old and its about time I start looking.

  23. Some elves to keep my sewing room picked up and fetch things for me while I work and who can answer the phone and door when necessary

  24. Some elves who can fetch things and keep my sewing room in order while I work, and who can answer the phone and the door when necessary.

  25. I really don’t need a thing! I have a 53 year marriage, 2 great kids, a great son-in-law and daughter-in-law and 5 wonderful loving grandchildren. My wish would be for Peace. For people to be kind to one another as we are only on this earth for a short time so use it well.

  26. I want an embroidery machine. My PE 770 just quit. Of course, a 10 needle would be great but isnt happening unless Santa wins the lotto. πŸ˜‚ I’ve always wanted some Urban Decay eyeshadow so might put that on my Santa list. 😁

  27. What I’d *love* is just more time – for everything. Since that’s not happening, I’m hoping Santa brings me more shelves for my workshop.

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